About Us

Coconut Oil in its purest form is one of the healthiest oils for the human body. As per ongoing researches, there are 1500 studies which state the health advantages of this great gift of nature. Its benefits are more than people have ever realized.

Made of healthy saturated fats, this oil is useful both as a food and as an over the top applicant. Not only is it easier to digest, but it also has some great antibacterial and antifungal powers which fight against these microbes and provide the human body a fully fledged shield.

Its healthy fats, which are better known as medium chain fatty acids are quite smaller in size, which makes cell permeability easy as soon as the oil enters our body and hence provides us immediate energy.

This oil is processed by our liver which ensures that instead of getting stored as fat, it gets used in the form of energy. Such is the usefulness of this oil for humans that it would take days to write about it all. Yet all of us aren’t aware of most of the benefits that this oil can provide.

Hence we created the CoconutOily.com, the one stop where we tell you all and everything about the coconut oil. Through our blog, you can get to know the various benefits that coconut oil has, the uncountable ways in which can help us and the infinite methods through which it can keep us healthy.

We provide you latest news from the ongoing researches about the oil and give to you the most genuine information that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Our basic motto is to make everyone aware of this gem that nature has provided us so that with proper knowledge, we all can make use of it and thereby keep our mortal bodies fit and healthy.